The first CALA C3 is national in scope, and specifically designed to attract contributors, exhibitors and participants from across Canada for a memorable series of collaborative technical and regulatory interactions.

Technologies Stream

Technology has a dramatic impact on the environmental industry. Newer technologies in Industrial processing, mineral extraction, and site remediation can change laboratory testing requirements. New and improved laboratory technology can greatly enhance productivity. Hear about technologies that may change the way you operate.

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Regulatory Stream

Regulations move at a slower pace than technology, but often have just as dramatic an impact on the environmental industry. Discover the directions different agencies are moving and solutions for complying with various requirements. Learn how to survive and thrive as new regulations are brought into force.

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Quality Management Stream

Quality is more than an activity; it is a part of the culture of the organization. Does your organization embrace quality as an integral part of its culture? What are the issues and solutions to implementing the best laboratory management practices?

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