About Your Host


The Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) is a Not-for-profit Canadian laboratory accreditation body known for its responsive and efficient quality assurance services.

CALA’s Mission is to instill public confidence in laboratory test results by providing internationally recognized accreditation, proficiency testing and training services.


Benchmarks of Performance

Accreditation and Proficiency Testing are the benchmarks of performance at CALA. Since 1994, the CALA Accreditation Program has conducted site audits and evaluated each laboratory's performance at regular intervals and granted accreditation to the laboratory based on compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17011 standard.

Accreditation also requires laboratories to participate in proficiency testing and laboratories are evaluated through inter-lab comparisons minimally twice a year in CALA's Proficiency Testing Program.

Site audits are conducted by teams of highly trained volunteer assessors, selected for their strong analytical backgrounds. Each assessor must undergo comprehensive, formal training on both ISO and Canadian requirements.

Internationally Recognized

CALA is a Full member of the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and a signatory to the APLAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for testing. It is also a Full member of ILAC, i.e. a signatory also to the ILAC MRA for testing. These international agreements provide mutual recognition amongst 80 accrediting bodies in 67 countries around the globe. The main aim of these agreements is increased worldwide use and acceptance by both industry and government of endorsed reports from accredited laboratories – “a product tested once and accepted everywhere”.

The CALA programs are also endorsed by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and enjoy the support of both federal and provincial governments, as well as private sector companies who provide volunteer staff to work with CALA to enhance the quality of information available for making environmental decisions.

Committed to Responsibility

CALA is committed to working with the laboratory community and their clients to achieve and demonstrate the value of implementing the highest quality standards of testing in the Canadian laboratory community.

Our efforts to enhance services to both members and their clients are complemented by CALA's training courses and specialized studies. We continually seek further efficiencies in our programs in order to reduce costs to participating laboratories and encourage broader participation within the laboratory community.

Finally, CALA will continue its international efforts, both in the interest of promoting good science and to ensure that Canadian companies can meet the environmental requirements of international trade agreements.

For more about CALA, please visit www.cala.ca